Bodylicious means no more excuses

Not enough time, it’s too cold, too tired are all excuses we have used that deter us from our exercise plans or going to the gym. I read an article in Cosmopolitan Health that gave some really good scenarios and ways to overcome them! So, if you have been spending more time talking about how you would love a better figure, rather than actually getting one (like me), it’s time to ditch the excuses for good!

It’s raining: I always used to get a sigh of relief when waking up to rain as I could cocoon myself within the mass of a doona and go back to sleep, because it was a “sign” for me not to run…
If it is a light sprinkle, it can be quite refreshing when running – however if it is a down-pour staying inside is probably your best bet. But don’t go running to bed just yet, there are plenty of activities you can do indoors whether at the gym or in your home. Do some weights, squats, push-ups, sit-ups, dips, yoga or Pilates – your options are pretty much endless! If all else bores you, amp up some Gaga and dance, 30 mins of dancing can burn up to 840kjs!

You have a cold: Another excuse that makes us throw in the towel. No one feels like anything besides hopping into bed, watching a few DVD’s with a bowl of chicken noodle soup – but studies have shown that regular exercise will boost immunity making you get better quicker! “If all of your symptoms are above the neck – say a runny nose or sore throat – then it’s OK for you to run” says Lee Rocker a personal trainer at Curves. It is best however to keep the exercise light; like a brisk walk, yoga or Pilates… and remember to increase your water intake.

You’re sore from the last workout: Good, and so you should be! It should make you proud to know that you are actually making changes to your body and that should spur you on to continue. Recovery is a vital part to any workout routine – so when you are really sore you should change your regular session to a light exercise as it will improve muscle recovery, as it gets the blood to flow to the muscle, which also removes waste products and aids in muscle repair. On days like this you should take up brisk walking, light skipping, swimming, or heavy punching drills to get the body pumping and you moving! Unless you are injured, taking time off doesn’t help the situation.

There isn’t enough time to workout: This is one of the most common and difficult excuses to dispute. You work long hours, have a hectic home life and are socially booked – there’s just no time for exercise! WRONG. Even the busiest people can fit in their daily exercise. Swap going to the pub after work for fitness or go to bed earlier so you can workout before work – its your health; you need to stop making excuses. You should swap meeting friends out at lunch for a gym class or even pole dancing lessons (my friends and I have always wanted to do one!)

You’re tired: This is my main one; i’m too tired = CBF’ed!!! I always find that once I start to get ready for a workout, my body starts to get pumped up – so by the time i’m out the door i’m ready to go! But if you’re so tired that you feel like you can’t even lift the remote, exercise will actually help. “Exercise gets the blood pumping and also spikes a feel-good hormone called dopamine.” How to get started: jump into your workout gear as soon as you get home so you’re less likely to wimp out, then commit to just 10minutes. Seriously, it’s not that hard! Once you get going push yourself further and further pas the 10minute mark – you might even end up doing more exercise than one of your regular sessions!

You went out the night before: Your head is pounding, you feel dirty and almost sick to your stomach… oh yes the hangover has hit! All you want to do is to get rid of it – don’t go to your normal remedy of fried, greasy foods (if I do say so myself it actually makes you feel about 50% better) instead get moving! Have a shower to was away your shame and blurry memories of last night, brush back your hair and move your ass. The hormones released through exercising can actually lessen a headache and will restore energy. Just make sure to rehydrate with lots of water! My own tip when I have a massive night out (you have just smashed through enough shots to tranquillize a lion) is to stop by the convenience store before going home and get some Powerade so you can start to rehydrate yourself. So drink that on the way home – then once home drink a bottle of water, then brush your teeth, ALWAYS brush your teeth – there’s no worse taste to wake up to than alcoholic dried-up mouth… or you can be sensible and not drink as much.


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