Model beauty secrets

Sarah Stephens: winner of 2006 Girlfriend Rimmel Model Search, 2008 Victoria’s Secret model, has graced the covers of magazines like Vogue Italia and is the face of Seafolly.
Sarah keeps in shape through meeting up with a personal trainer three times a week to do intense cardio mixes and lightweight training. If she has a job coming up she gets into a boot camp mode and exercises everyday – “I’ll crunch [abdominal crunches] ’til I can crunch no more.”
Her favourite 3pm snacks include blueberry protein smoothie, veggies and hummus, nuts, an apple, or air-popped popcorn.
Her beauty regime involves exfoliating her skin every night with St Ives apricot Scrub and moisturising twice a day with Cetaphil Moisturising Cream as it doesn’t block pores. She uses Moroccanoil Treatment when her hair is still damp from a shower, to keep her locks glossy. I love Moroccanoil too!

 Sonya Kukanis: modelled for Rusty, Becca Cosmetics and Sportsgirl.
Sonya stays in shape through exercising four to five days per week. She says she has to work hard as her body naturally changed as she turned 20, so she had to change her diet and exercise as well. She does cardio, weight training, Pilates and loves group fitness classes.
Her favourite 3pm snacks include crackers, cucumber slices and balsamic vinegar. When she’s on the go she sips down a banana soy smoothie and loves carrots dipped in hummus . Every now and then she follows the Dr Joshi’s Holistic Detox, and admitted that her ultimate indulgence is chocolate!
Her beauty regime includes cleansing and moisturising everyday; and exfoliating her body once a week.

Rebecca Breeds: Australian television actress that has been in Blue Water High, Water Rats, but mostly known for playing Ruby on Home and Away. She is currently the brand ambassador for fitness label: Running Bare.
To keep in shape Rebecca tries to exercise every day, even if it’s just skipping for 20 minutes at home. Cardio dominates her exercise regime and tries to do as much yoga as possible to improve her posture. She says that planning is essential to her exercises as it helps her avoid late-afternoon snacking!
Her 3pm snack is an apple and a cup of tea. She follows her grandmothers saying “Once past the lips, straight to the hips” which she says is harsh but true. Her diet is all about portion control, low GI foods, lots of protein and limitation of sweets.
She doesn’t follow a huge beauty routine, but always puts on sunscreen and moisturiser after her shower – and to keep her hair healthy and strong she uses Moroccanoil Treatment too!


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