Bodylicious weekly workout

It’s getting so hot so quickly and beach season is already here! I really need to amp up my fitness to get my body bikini ready. I have devised a workout schedule that is going to get max results but is flexible enough to fit in with my life.

I have a timetable sheet posted on my bedroom wall that tells me what I have to do, how many times a week and a section to “tick off” what I have done. With this I am able to decide when I choose to do these exercises and how many times per week. Here’s how it goes:
5-7 times a week = ab workout ~ crunches, v-sits ect…
5-7 times a week = stretching
4-7 times a week = walking 20mins+
4-7 times a week = running or interval sprints 20mins+
3-6 times a week = dancing 15mins +
3-5 times a week = skipping 15mins +
1-4 times a week = boxing 15mins+
2 times a week = arm weights 10mins+ (toning exercises only)
1+ times a week = miscellaneous workouts (e.g. swimming, Pilates)


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One Response to Bodylicious weekly workout

  1. larryfeltonj says:

    At 60 I’m mostly concerned with muscle mass (and muscle tone), flexibility, and endurance. So my regimen boils down to cycling, stretching, and weights. I’m thinking of swimming laps to break the monotony.

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